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At Sterling Heights Epoxy, we only use the best epoxy resin material to meet your flooring needs. We serve a variety of different customers all across the Metro Detroit area. We take great pride in the clean look of our epoxy flooring and we know you will too. Once finished, it will leave your space looking clean and lasting for years to come. It is one of the most superior concrete coatings on the market today for nearly any application. Our coating solutions are for a wide variety of situations. From your newly epoxy garage floor to a clean-looking warehouse, we have epoxy flooring solutions for any situation. We have become to be known for more than just being one of the best epoxy Detroit installers, but one of the best epoxy Michigan installers. Let us give you a free quote and consultation on an epoxy coating on your floor. We would love to earn your business.

Residential Use – when talking about epoxy flooring for homes, one of our common requests is for our top-of-the-line epoxy garage floor coating. Epoxy Garage coatings are for anyone looking to extend the life of the concrete in their garage or to create a clean finished look to your garage that will leave your neighbors envious. We can tailor the epoxy for the look that you would like in your garage. This can include the popular chips sprinkled over the top and a hard-durable top coating. Color is where you can really add some personality to your garage coating as we have a range of colors to choose from. Our garage floor epoxy’s have been known to stop cracks from starting. This cracking is a common problem when driving a vehicle in and out of a garage during Michigan’s harsh winters. Some might look to concrete floor paint as a solution, but a typical paint falls short of the durability that epoxy can offer, especially in a garage that sees winter use. To get a truly custom garage, garage floor epoxy is a great place to start.

Garages are not the only use for epoxy floor coatings. Basements are another commonplace that can benefit from using an epoxy coating. In some cases, with high moisture and extreme temperature changes, it can be the section of concrete that see the most abuse from a homeowner. Basement epoxy floor coatings can be the first level of protection from the harsh conditions that Michigan basements will see. Cracks in concrete are common in basements over time and the bond that epoxy makes with the concrete can help prevent cracks. Basement epoxy layers can also help limit damage to concrete in high-risk flooding areas. In this case, epoxy would stop moisture from getting into existing cracks. Epoxy floors for basements are a perfect choice for


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an epoxy floor coating? – Epoxy flooring consists of a resin that is mixed with a hardening agent. It spreads on floors like a liquid and over the course of a few days becomes a hard plastic-like substance that is extremely durable. Epoxy floor coating can consist of many layers depending on the application and can sometimes take up to a week to fully finish. An acrylic paint or paint chips can be added to any layer during the liquid phase to make a beautiful finish to your space.

What kind of base is needed for epoxy? – We recommend a smooth and level concrete base. It is not to worry if you have concrete that is not smooth and has cracks. Our professional has licensed concrete professionals that we can recommend or contract out for you. Once the coating is over its ideal thickness puddled in a low spot, it can have negative impacts as it dries like cracking and becoming very brittle. It is important to have our team come out for a consultation to assess the concrete to avoid these negative effects and to get an accurate quote on the work needing to be done. To summarize, the end result can only be as good as the prepped surface that the epoxy gets laid on.

How long should I expect my epoxy floor to last? – It really depends on the application and the amount of traffic over the surface. For residential applications, it’s very possible to get up to 25 years out of the epoxy coating. For commercial and industrial applications with heavy traffic of pedestrians or equipment, we typically see around 8 to 10 years. These ages all depend on a number of factors and may vary greatly.

What locations can you come to and do epoxy coatings? – We do service anywhere in the Detroit metro area but the majority of our customers are in one of the northern halves of Detroit. These cities include Sterling Heights, Macomb, Shelby Township, Troy, Rochester Hills, Auburn Hills, St Clair Shores, Warren, Waterford, Royal Oak, Farmington Hills, and Novi just to name a few cities.

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