Basement Floor Epoxy

Basement epoxy coatings are very similar to garage epoxy coatings. The process is very much the same, but the benefits could be a little different. The main advantage to epoxy coating a basement vs basement painting is that epoxy can make a seal protect the concrete underneath. In high-risk flooding areas, basements are the first things to see moisture. As more and more floodwater is seen in a basement, the concrete can become porous and actually make flooding worse in the future. Basement epoxy flooring can prevent that and seal the top surface.

Another benefit is for workspaces. Much like the benefits for our industrial and commercial customers, epoxy basement floors can be durable and easier to clean up rather than bare concrete. With epoxy making your floor chemically resistant, impact-resistant, and easier to sweep up, it can be the perfect choice for someone doing woodworking in their basement or even for a workout space. Overall a basement epoxy flooring is superior to many other options on the market today.

Basement epoxy coatings are much like garage epoxy coatings in that they can be customized. We can tailor the color if you are going for a certain color theme in your basement, as well as add paint chips to the top. We can also customize the grip level of the surface as well.

The catch for basement epoxy coating is that when doing the consultation, we much first check if you have a current moisture problem with your concrete. If too much moisture is found, the epoxy may never be able to dry. It is critical that we test the concrete first before your application appointment.