Industrial Epoxy Coating

Industrial factories can see some of the most demanding conditions. Industrial epoxy floor coatings are the answer to your flooring needs to meet those conditions. Heat, UV and impact resistance makes epoxy a tough coating to beat. Our multilayer epoxy can withstand even the most abrasive of situations while still getting many years of use. Military grade epoxy flooring is common in the industrial sector. The epoxy is so strong that it bonds itself to the concrete and resists moisture and flaking significantly more than any residential application.
We cater to the customers needs when it comes to industrial applications. There is no one size fits all when it comes to epoxy’s that work ideally in every condition. Feel free to give us a call or fill out our quote sheet. We will get back to you ASAP with the options that we provide.
Concrete surface needs to be smooth and level or else prepped before applying epoxy. If you need help with concrete work, we can recommend you to one of our great locally licensed concrete contractors.