We offer a wide range of different epoxy services at Sterling Heights Epoxy. They typically fall into 3 different types of services

1 – Residential Services – This is geared towards the average homeowner looking to make improvements in their garage, basement, or concrete-based rooms. Epoxy is geared towards looking good and adding durability in low to moderate use areas but still needing to withstand light vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

2 – Commercial Services – Typically geared towards small to medium-sized businesses. It is the perfect coating to make flooring last in moderate to heavy use locations. Appearance is often still an important factor for commercial customers.

3 – Industrial services – These are our heavy-duty applications that need a tough durable surface. Typically found in factories or large warehouses that have high amounts of traffic and need the most durable epoxy’s that we have to offer.

More than 10 years of flooring experience

Modern flooring technology

High-quality materials that meet the standards

Service life over 35 years

Commercial and Industrial Use – Epoxy flooring is not only just for a good clean looking facility; it can last a very long time. Commercial epoxy flooring and Industrial epoxy flooring are similar in that they need to be extremely durable. All we ask is that you have a concrete base free of large defects/cracks and uneven sections. Our industrial-strength epoxy actually bonds to the concrete base and makes a stronger one-two punch than nearly any floor coating on the market. Options can also be had for a military spec smooth surface. From a veterinarian’s office to an industrial plant, a commercial epoxy floor and the industrial epoxy floor is a must for any area looking to hold up to chemical, heat, and impact abuse.

Safety is a top priority in any workspace. Safety is also a top priority to us at Sterling Heights Epoxy. We have a line of our epoxy floor coatings that are spill and slip-resistant. Especially in high-paced traffic areas, it’s extremely important to select an installer that does not go overboard elements of the epoxy installing process like the topcoat. Too thick of the topcoat can make a slippery surface. For residential use, we commonly recommend paint chips to help add grip to the coating. Rest assured that our highly rated Detroit epoxy installers will take every measure necessary to confirm that your residential, commercial, or industrial space is safe to use, every day, for years to come.